A simple, fast and open source image steganography app for Android

Ever wanted to hide a secret message in a photo? Now it's possible with Steganofy!

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Original image

Image with embedded text "Hello World!"

Hide & Extract

  • Hiding messages or files in images
  • Extracting hidden data from images


  • Data can be encrypted with AES-256
  • The app's code is public and can be viewed at any time

Privacy Policy

  • No tracking
  • All data stays on your device

Supported image and file formats

  • The following image formats are supported: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WebP, HEIF
  • Any type of file can be hidden in an image, as long as the image is large enough

Important notes for sending images

  • Messaging apps that compress images (e.g. Facebook or WhatsApp) will not include the hidden data

Questions & Answers

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